August 31, 1970, Steven Burgess was born into an atmosphere of music that has been in his family for generations.  His grandfather Morris Burgess and grandmother Loretta Burgess were musicians in the 30’s and 40’s and recorded the album ’40 miles of cool water’  – Steven’s father, Robert Burgess, found his own groove in a 50’s and 60’s rock band.

Steven’s piano lessons as a young boy created a foundation to use the piano as an instrument to learn music theory, but often found himself breaking away from sheet music, to creating music as an expression of his soul when words were often not enough. With his love for classic, jazz and rock forged into a sound that was unique.

The honesty of Steven’s music has captured a large audience of people craving a taste of serenity.  While Steven had always considered his music to be a private expression, he was encouraged to pursue his music more seriously by his listeners.

Following the encouragement of his listeners the album ‘Rest’ was captured. The success of ‘Rest’, inspired several albums including ‘Intimacy’, ‘Patience’ and ‘Joy’.  Spas, churches and people simply needing music to create an atmosphere of peace embrace this relaxation and meditation music.

Steven continues to pursue his passion for music, establishing the recording studio and the record label Aquadio. With his wife beautiful Natasha, a fellow musician they have together two beautiful daughters, Ella and Clara who also are developing musicians.