There’s no better way to start spring off then by a little spring cleaning.  Out with the old website and in with the new and improved!

Spring tends to be a time of busyness for most people.  We climb out of hibernation, and say hello to the world.  We look around and see what’s left behind from the winter season; dirt, dust, cobwebs everywhere.  There is much to be done! We feel the need to open our windows and replace the old air with the new and fresh air.  Our vigorous winter slumber is now over.  It is time to get to work and start cleansing from the inside and out.

One of the most wonderful ways to cleanse the heart is to saturate it with the beautiful sounds of restful music.  It has a way of purging our souls of the figurative cobwebs that have been collecting dust for some time.  With every note, our spirits become lighter, and our purpose more clear.   Relaxation music is truly life’s   natural cleanser for the soul.

As you sit after a long day of spring cleaning, I urge you to sit and relax to track #7 “Rain” on our album “Rest” and allow these restful sounds to help cleanse your soul from the inside and out.

Happy spring cleaning!