In January 2000, ‘Rest’ was captured in a spontaneous musical expression with his friend Kelley Warren who plays the flute. ‘Rest’ continues to be one of the best selling instrumental soaking music albums. Steven receives encouragement regularly as to how this relaxing, restful music can create an atmosphere of peace and bring calm in a stressful environment.

“I have listened to Rest in the best and worst times of my life.  I put my earpiece on, and let your music bring healing” V.G

“Please never stop playing.  I can’t tell you how your music has helped bring such a peace in my life” N.R


Intimacy was inspired during a new stage of Steven’s life, allowing another level of beauty to emerge in his music.  With close friends, Kelly Warren on flute and Sven Heidinga on guitar, the sounds of piano, guitar and flute flow together in spontaneity to create an intimate place where the music brings out an atmosphere ideal for soaking, meditation and creating an atmosphere of serenity.

“We used this music to walk down the aisle.  Thanks for helping make our day so special!” C.E

“Breathtaking!” E.E


Adding different elements than before, Steven Burgess and Sven Heidinga reunite to create a musical expression focused on the element of time.  Adding sporadic calming vocals and sounds, along with the piano and guitar, helps to develop a unique ambiance that will draw you in, and help you unwind.

“All I can say is, wow! I can’t wait for the next album!” M. R

“You’re albums are a wonderful inspiration.  Thanks for sharing with the world!” R. S

JOY (upcoming CD)

Steven has been asked if he had any gentle Christmas music done in the same spirit as his other albums.  Steven decided to capture the gentle spirit of Christmas in his new album ‘Joy’.  Using some traditional carols on piano and improvising around the original compositions, these gentle holiday songs will encourage a spirit of peace and lightness during the busy season of celebrations. This music is still in progress and hopes to be released in time for Christmas 2013.